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What’s the secret to why my clients lose weight and keep it off while gaining lean muscle mass?

I specialize in developing lifestyle habits with my clients and this is a big part of my training program. This includes developing lifestyle habits, nutrition habits, and exercise habits that produce long term weight loss results.

My clients learn:

  • The Unique Portion Control Method to control their caloric and nutrient intake
  • To identify food that helps them lose weight vs food that make them gain weight
  • To train in a 4 Stage Systematic Trainings Method that guarantees weight-loss of an average 20lb!
  • Tailored Weight-loss Lifestyle Habits that are guaranteed to help them lose fat and keep it off

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Developing habits is a big part of my training program. Therefore my clients receive the support that they need to EXIT old unhealthy habits, and Enter new fitness habits. Accountability also plays a big role in my online training program where I monitor everything from nutrition, workouts, sleep, cheat meals, as well as 10 different habits to choose from. I work with my clients to provide solution to problems that they face along the way. 

Nutrition Coaching Component Of The Program:

The first step I do is work out each client’s Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) which is determined from the information they provide me when they complete the FITNESS QUESTIONNAIRE

Each of my clients answer a few important questions which makes it possible for me to work out each client’s Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

Once each client’s estimated TDEE is calculated, then I build a meal plan where their calories are in either a calorie deficit or a calorie surplus. This is dependent on each of my client’s goals, whether they want to bulk up and gain muscle or cut down and lose body fat. Once I calculate the number of calories (which is specific to each and every client), then those calories are split into the PERFECT macro-nutrient split of protein, carbohydrates and fats for each client to achieve their goals.


  • Personalized Meal Plan

  • Personalized Workout Program

  • Personalized Fitness Tracker

  • Monitoring And Accountability By A Certified Personal Trainer


  • 30 Day Quick Fix Program $240

  • 3 Month Body Transformation Program $580